The operative unit TELMA Lab is established within the Mobility2o, limited liability consortium company (henceforward referred to as “M2o”).

M2o aims to bring together key players in the sectors of Transportations, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environment (T.E.L.M.A.) to provide high value-added services, expert advice and specialized solutions in these areas. M2o mission identifies the needs of the key markets, focussing on the community well-being, resulting from the best choices in the areas of competence.

TELMA Lab is the place where companies, associations, institutions, start-ups, professionals, scientific organizations and Institutes of research, come together to give possible answers to the future challenges, becoming touchstone and privileged speaker for policy makers called to govern these areas.

Under the name of “TELMA Lab” is intended to emphasize the vocation of the structure that is headed to become an opportunity for discussion, exchange, best practices, innovative ideas and personal experiences that intend to make the fruition and the management of the reality, in which we live, smart and sustainable. TELMA Lab will have an independent role and will be a third party relative to stakeholders (automotive and tech world, logistics, transport operators, utilities and environmental company, institutional companies and comparable, trade unions).

TELMA Lab acts as operative component of Mobility2o, limited liability consortium company, and therefore adopts its ethical code. In this way, TELMA Lab activities will end with the suspension of the activity of Mobility2o limited liability consortium company.

TELMA Lab has its registered office in Bologna, via Monte Grappa 16 – 40121 and its operative offices in Milan and Rome.



This initiative has been created to deal with the uncertainty that the current intense economic and financial crisis scenario is projecting on institutional and entrepreneurial decision-making processes, with particular attention to the increasingly urgent need for truthful, reliable and, as much as possible, objective information.

M2o, that combines the expertise of two companies already established at international and national level in the sector of mobility and transportations (Clickutility on Earth s.r.l. and Clippel s.r.l.), endorse this need focusing on five national strategic sectors that, for the relevance and intensity of the required investments, clearly express the need of “objective” data and scenarios.

TELMA Lab aims to fulfil this task by creating a community of professionals in the areas of expertise, also extended to the various stakeholders – institutions, universities, companies, authority, associations – that as “clients” of studies and analysis in the course of time may constitute what we like to define a forum of the TELMA thematic areas, where is possible to discuss various issues to find agreements also among initially conflicting positions, in order to quickly establish final operative decisions for the community’s best interest. One of the TELMA drivers of efficiency and effectiveness will be the promptness of response. Any research activity will have a time of output of a maximum 6 months, because nowadays the economy needs fast response.


Accordingly, TELMA Lab aims to:

  1. Pursue and develop strategic guidelines proposed by TELMA Lab board (see art. 6 of this Statute);
  2. Prepare and periodically update a TELMA Report focused on Italy, but with a global vision, that, sighting all TELMA thematic areas, polarizes issues deemed to be of relevance and of great impact on the growth and development of the country, at industrial, social and economic level.
  3. Give to this written work a dynamic structure as required by the changing development of the various components. Continuously update qualitative and quantitative components, providing to the involved organizations, companies and institutions an updated picture of the situation, a more reliable prediction of the future and, above all, the most sustainable solution.
  4. Represent the benchmark for institutional and governmental entities, ready to introduce itself as an interlocutor for the discussion of issues connected to socio-economic-industrial policy related to the addressed contents.
  5. Examine in depth the highlighted issues in the Report or raised by TELMA Members to the TELMA Lab or by external organizations.
  6. Supervise legislative, administrative, economic, financial and statistical measures, in order to involve Transportation, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environment interests.
  7. Establish an incentive for legislative production.
  8. Compile and publicize, through the M2o editorial structure, a TELMA Members annual report comprehensive of company presentations.
  9. Handle the realization of scientific, industrial, social and cultural events related to the field, purposely arranged during the year.
  10. Promote advanced training courses, specialized and managerial, of top institutional managers, of companies and associations related to Transports, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environment thematic.
  11. Become independent in the analysis and in the judgements of the covered topics, and in the organization of thematic events, supporting itself with the financial contribution of TELMA Members who believe in values, purposes and in the principles expressed in the foreword.


TELMA Lab, in pursuing its aims, will inspire its actions to the Ethic Code, aforementioned, which applies to all TELMA Members.



All the companies, associations and Institution that operate in Transports, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environment sectors may apply for admission to TELMA Lab referred to art.1. The admission processes are below mentioned.

The applications for admission as a TELMA Member may be submitted to the TELMA Lab secretariat and, thereafter, presented to the TELMA Lab Board, authority to which is reserved the task to accept or deny the application and, when accepted, to specify the area of expertise. The application itself entail the full acceptance of this Statute in all its rules, as well as the Ethic Code with respect of the commitments and responsibilities in the participation to the activities.



When admitting, in relation to their activities, each TELMA Member is assigned to one or more of the following areas of expertise:

  1. Transports operating companies
  2. Maintenance and integrated logistics companies
  3. Manufacturers
  4. Goods and services providers
  5. IT and Technological Services Companies
  6. Applied research companies and authorities
  7. Associations
  8. Authorities, Institutions and Universities



Being a TELMA Member entail the payment obligation of the member contributions in order to support and sustain TELMA Lab activities to ensure the independence of the analysis and judgement. The shares of participation contributions are reported in to the Board Annual Resolution. The subscription fee for Associations and Public and Private Authority, will be evaluated, from time to time, by the TELMA Lab Board.

The subscription to TELMA Lab is renewed every year by tacit agreement, in the absence of formal resignation transmitted by registered mail or by certified mail to the TELMA Lab secretariat not later than 90 days from the annual due date.

TELMA Members are required to pay the renewal fee at least one month before the expiry date of the expected annual contribution.

TELMA Members who have rescinded or have lapsed for non-payment may be readmitted to join TELMA Lab, to their request and according to the unquestionable judgement of the Board, which will determine the contribution conditions due at the time of the readmission.

TELMA Lab membership will be considered effective and will be active at the time of the executed payment of the admission fee. The date of deposit of the fee will be a proof.



It is TELMA Lab authority which regulates and strategically directs the work of the Lab.

It consists of at least 9 members plus a Chairman. The Board members will be defined as “councillors”:

The power of the Board are as follows:

  • Evaluation of admission applications within the Board as councillor;
  • Stipulates partnership with external organizations (universities, research institutes);
  • Modifies the Statute;
  • Establishes associations and public authority membership fees;
  • Identifies thematic and activities conducted by TELMA Lab;
  • Evaluation and acceptance/refuse of applications to the TELMA Lab;
  • Evaluation of the proposal and of the suggested guidelines recommended to the TELMA Lab Director, useful in identifying the strategic activities of the Lab.



He is member of the M2o Consortium and ex-oficio member of the Board. He is delegated by the Board to manage TELMA Lab and he has the task of leading, according to the strategic scenarios identified by the Board, TELMA Lab activities and worktables that will arise.



The TELMA Member status is lost for:

  1. resignation, with the commitment to fulfil all obligations under the art.4;
  2. partial or total lack of the requirements needed for the admission;
  3. exclusion decided by the Board for severe infringement of the rules and obligation of the Statute, or for reasons related to moral nature.

In any case the loss of the TELMA Member status does not exempt from compliance with the commitments.

The eventual non-fulfilment of fee obligations leads, according to legal procedures, to the debts collection and to overdue interests.