TELMA Lab (Laboratory for Transports, Energy, Logistics, Mobility, Environment) is the core of M2o consortium. It is the place where companies, associations, institutions, startups, professionals, scientific organizations and Institutes of research, come together to give possible answers to the future challenges.
The Laboratory aims to be the reference point for policy makers called to operate within TELMA areas of interest: dynamism and innovation are the keywords which meet the spirit of the Laboratory.

For this very reason comes TELMA Lab: opportunity for discussion, exchange, sharing of energy, best practices, innovative ideas, personal experiences that intend to make the fruition and the management of the reality, in which we live, smart and sustainable. All industry players are invited to make their views and to make an effort to find low economic impact solutions with high social utility.
These five thematic areas targeted by the Laboratory have been chosen because closely interconnected and interdependent. The mutual impact between them no longer allows a separate analysis of the reality: therefore, it is essential a constant communication and a continuous co-operation between operators and users.

TELMA Lab is where all the realities involved find a place to work together and confront each other. Its activities are organized into different vertical worktables. Carlo Iacovini is the Director of the Laboratory, while Carlo Tosti is the President of the TELMA Lab Board.

The TELMA Lab of Mobility2o has received the Patronage of Campus Bio-Medico University of