Why joining TELMA Lab?


  • To take part to our vertical worktables about “Transports, Mobility and Logistics” and “Environment and Energy” and to horizontal and transversal tables with different thematic areas, which will analyze and promote ad hoc projects and initiatives, involving more sectors.
  • To be constantly up-to-date about the evolution and the development of the five thematic areas: Transports, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environments;
  • To give a tangible contribution to the development of the worktables with your experience;
  • To deal with other Top Managers and with leading industry expert, in Italy;
  • To get a preview of the evolution of the various sectors thus obtaining the tools to rule the ongoing change with greater  promptness;
  • To support your decisions with in-depth and reliable analysis and field data;
  • To launch and share ideas and innovative projects, best practices in order to bring added value for the company;


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For more information and to know how to join, write to: celeste.tosti@mobility2o.it