M2o is a consortium with the aim to bring together key players in the sector of Transportation, Energy, Logistics, Mobility, Environment (T.E.L.M.A.) to provide high value added services, expert advice and specialized solutions in these areas.


M2o identifies the needs of the key markets to provide the best solutions in the Transportation, Energy, Logistics, Mobility and Environment industries (T.E.L.M.A.). The stakeholders themselves will identify the best practices for a more green and economically sustainable future.

Our mission and our vision are supported by a long-standing experience, and they consider as a key element the direct involvement of all those stakeholders that directly and indirectly contribute to the development of policies, guidelines, solutions, goods and best practices at national and international level. Therefore, we intend to make M2o an environment, in which spring, with the precious contribution of the organization that will partake, innovative ideas, insights, concrete projects for the future, in the wake of what has been done so far, from the members of the consortium respectively.